1. “What about my safety and comfort?”

“(Bathroom location: City Sports Club Union City, California) Two years ago when I was a trainer at this gym, the regional manager pulled me aside one day to tell me that I could no longer change my clothes in the men’s locker room. He said I would have to change in the women’s locker room. I started crying. He told me that he was sorry, to not take it personally, that he just wanted to ensure that the club members felt safe and comfortable. Through tears, I responded, “What about my safety and comfort?” Trans/nonbinary folks don’t want to use the bathrooms of their choice in order to harass or attack people. We simply just want to be able to use the restroom. If you see anything wrong with that, YOU are part of the problem. I stand with Gavin Grimm.”


2. “It’s simply a restroom.”

“A restroom has no gender. It’s simply a restroom. Its purpose is not to be depicted as anything else. Our concerns should be focused on more important issues with the world, not who gets to use what restroom.”


3. “1000%”

“Aye mijito, I’m behind u and support ur rights 1000%.”


4.  “Do you and fuck what others have to say”

“Dear Gavin, I’m sorry that you’re going through ignorance of a past/current generation, one that tells you how you should feel and how you should act. I’ll never understand why this restroom issue is such a big deal. Why it matters to others where it comes from is actually the only disturbing part. Says a lot of weird things about those people. Personally speaking, I’ve even used the guy’s restroom at various places because the girl’s was either used or crowded. Do you and fuck what others have to say about where you choose to take a pee or shit!”


5. “I will keep fighting for trans rights”

“I’m Alex, and I’m standing with Gavin because he’s not alone in this fight. I use the men’s restroom because I am a man, regardless of what I was born as. I feel comfortable in there, and I should be able to pee without it being a controversial issue. Love trumps hate and I will keep fighting for trans rights in Texas for you Gavin!”


6. “Our voices will be heard”

“My name Brianna Hernandez. I am a wife to my loving husband. I am a sister to two loving and accepting brothers. I am a daughter to two beautiful loving parents. I am NOT a sexual predator as some of you politicians want to classify us as. I am NOT a criminal as some of you politicians make us feel. But we are people just like you with dreams and aspirations. We are TEACHERS, we are MENTORS, we are LEADERS! We have a VOICE, and we have a VOTE and we will not be silenced any longer. But our voices will be heard, now or in our upcoming congressional election which a few of you congressmen are due. This is why I stand AGAINST SB6.”