The following is an excerpt from an article from El Cuhamil, a newspaper by the Texas Farmworkers Union that was published in the late 1970s. This article highlighted how Othal Brand Sr. exploited farmworkers and depicted him as a money-hungry octopus. His son, Othal Brand Jr., is currently a mayoral candidate for the city of McAllen, Texas, a title that Brand Sr. once held.  El Cuhamil is archived at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley library.

“The Rio Grande Valley is an extension of cultivable land on both sides of the border. The Rio Grande Valley territory in the state of Texas is controlled by means of the money that capitalist Othal Brand has accumulated through unlimited exploitation of the agricultural workers.

The Griffin & Brand Company or better known as Trofi Farms is one of the transnational corporation- or rather the only corporation at international level that controls the onion market.

This company brings all the better quality onions from Mexico. Trofi farms has imported from Mexico thousands of tons of onion during the present season, and at the same time Griffing & Brand was manipulating thousands of farmworkers to his whim paying them hunger salaries.

Griffin & Brand has paid agricultural workers .25 cents per basket (30 lbs.) of carrots and we speak now of the .10 cents per can of carrots that this company tried to pay their workers in Presidio, TX.

Othal Brand is a politician very skillful at exploiting workers. Brand is so professional at this that he does not hesitate in using the church for his purposes. Doctor Brand gives his purity baths on Sundays where he preaches, while during the week…”

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