McAllen, Texas– A concerned McAllen resident is speaking out against Neta, a new bilingual media platform in the Rio Grande Valley.

“Neta is a biased leftist garbage website run by lazy entitled Millennials who only write about meaningless topics like little-known Valley history, identity politics, and gay rights stuff,” he said to the press. “Who is encouraging these kids?”

When asked to share what media platforms he trusts, he excitedly pulled out a photo of Steve Bannon, Bill O’Reilly, and Kellyanne Conway, who coined the famous American term “alternative facts,” from his wallet and held it up for all reporters to see.

“The only biased garbage I’ll proudly support is from extreme right-wingers who teach me to hate this region and myself more and more every day, like Breitbart and Fox News,” he continued.

Upon further investigation, his Facebook profile confirmed his loyalty to sharing only right-wing garbage.


Mebal E. Madre is a satirical writer for Neta, the Valley’s hottest leftist garbage website.