A group of organizations across the U.S. joined to bail out black mothers who could not afford bail so that they could spend Mother’s Day with their families. This included queer, immigrant, elder, trans, and young mothers, as the organization’s listed on their website nomoremoneybail.org.

The bailouts happened on National Bail Out Day on Thursday, May 11. Many women, the group says on their website, are sitting in jail for crimes they have not been convicted of simply because they cannot afford to pay.

In this video, Dream Defenders can be seen walking into Pinellas County Justice Center in Florida ready to bail out mamas.

“Eight in ten incarcerated women are mothers and nearly half are in local jails, locked in cages for crimes they have not been convicted of,” as stated on their website. “Most of the women in jail are accused of minor drug and ‘quality of life’ offenses and are languishing in cells simply because they cannot afford to pay bail.”

The action took place in 18 cities across the U.S., including Houston, Texas.

“The mothers that we and other organizations across the country are bailing out this week have been discarded by society,” Dream Defenders, one of the groups that participated in the bailout, posted on their Facebook Page. “They’ve been locked in cages for small offenses and then left in cells because they cannot afford the often exorbitant prices of their bail. And for the first time ever, we’re a part of sending a message through this national day of action, awareness, and kindness. Money bail and the industry that profits from it has been destroying families and our communities for a long time. We want that system to end and for these mothers to be home with their families for Mother’s Day.”