It’s #ExposeFakeClinics week, and of the approximately 4,000 fake pregnancy clinics across the U.S., two are located in the Rio Grande Valley.

The fake clinics are known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and they are “anti-abortion counseling center(s) with an agenda,” as described on the website of the national campaign exposing the fake clinics. “The goal is to pressure people to carry a pregnancy to term. Some have a medical license, but most do not.”

The two fake clinics in the Rio Grande Valley are McAllen Pregnancy Center and Gift of Life Pregnancy Center in Brownsville.

These clinics send people to protest outside of real, actual abortion clinics, such as Whole Woman’s Health in downtown Mcallen, Texas. Their protesting typically includes passing out religious pamphlets with misleading health information, shouting at patients trying to enter the abortion clinics to receive care, and, sometimes, physical harassment.

As described on the #ExposeFakeClinics campaign website:

“(They) use phony ads to trick pregnant people into making an appointment, promising ‘free ultrasounds’ or ‘pregnancy support.’ Once inside, people are lied to, shamed, and pressured about their reproductive health decisions, often delaying their procedure or pushing them past the deadline for a legal abortion altogether.

“CPCs are often made to look like medical facilities, yet they don’t practice medicine (outside of an occasional ultrasound or STI test), nor do they use medical facts or standardized ethics. More and more, these predatory places are funded by taxpayer dollars, impacting poor women and people of color the hardest.”

The fake clinics operate legally by being considered as “religious outreach” and receive taxpayer money. In Texas, $20 million were approved to fund fake pregnancy centers for the 2018 – 2019 state budget.


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