Brownsville is home to two Confederate monuments: The Jefferson Davis Memorial and the Robert E. Lee Youth Building. These residents are speaking out about having Confederate leaders publicly recognized. In this video, they explain why the Jefferson Davis monument should be relocated to a museum.

These activists are calling for the removal of Confederate monuments in Brownsville, Texas. 🗣

Posted by Neta on Monday, July 24, 2017
  • I don’t understand. Why would any White person be against the supremacy of their own race? Why would any person be against the supremacy of their own race?

  • DeoPatria says:

    There is so much wrong with both of these speakers’ views it is
    difficult to know where to start. So all I shall say here is that to be
    offended by this monument, which takes effort to notice and read as a
    Confederate monument, smacks of cultural Marxism against (Confederate)
    Americans who fought to defend their homes, and rebuilt their community
    again and again. If anyone thinks removing Confederate monuments shall
    do anything but exacerbate racial tensions, I would refer them to New
    Orleans latest crime statistics. Finally, for those who insist upon
    dividing people by eugenics-era racial categories, I would refer this
    “teacher” to Booker T. Washington, who stated that no race would be
    STUPID enough to tear down another – because tearing down the other
    tears down oneself. And for those interested in truth and REAL history,
    you need to look at all the Latino people who were pro-secession and
    pro-Confederate. Don’t lie to people and say this is about “white
    supremacy” when you lie to people about what that term meant in
    post-bellum politics and you agitate revisionist views.
    As for the
    “lady,” she needs to read up a bit about when Mexico became a country
    and what Tejanos and Californios – you know, Spanish people OF THE TIME –
    thought about Santa Anna and Mexico. If you prefer Mexico, it’s right
    there over the border. If you prefer America, then you need to begin to
    understand what the Confederates who BUILT AMERICA knew about
    Constitutional government.

  • Matthew A Locke says:

    She claims that the monument is offensive to white people, well it is not offensive to me.

  • Danny Ambrose says:


  • Connie Chastain says:

    The Confederacy and the Third Reich weren’t equivalent; not even similar. The monument doesn’t AFFECT anyone, and certainly not the whole of humanity. It is not racist and it is not white supremacist — at least, no more than the vast majority of Union monuments. Racism is as old as humanity. It didn’t start with the United States… and in Mexico today. Hispanics are extremely racist toward black people.

    It may come as a shock, but Hispanics fought for the Confederacy.

    The monument doesn’t have to be in a museum to be a learning tool. However, that is not the purpose of monuments to Confederate soldiers; most are to commemorate their fight to protect homes and families from an invading mob of barbarians wearing military uniforms.

    All of the monuments that have been moved had to be lied about in order to get support for removals. Antifa terrorists, BLM, SURJ and even hard-core communists were the people threatening to riot in order to get the monuments removed. Most of these people don’t even care about history; they just live to destroy.

    The lies must stop. If you’re going to try to remove these monuments, at least based your position on the truth.

  • disqus_rhwWcBNiHa says:

    If Democrats are still confused as to why Donald Trump won the election, its because Americans are sick of political correctness and idiotic suggestions such as this. The ignorance of these people is beyond words. Stay tuned for the book burning.

  • John Robinson says:

    I grew up in the valley, the people that are complaining don’t have dog in the fight. These monuments are in important part of our nations history. It was a very dark time for America, on both sides of the Mason Dixon line. Both the north and the south owned slaves and neither side would accept blacks after the Emancipation Proclamation and they were not treated as equals. If we are going to go after the Civil War monuments then we need to be fair. This would mean that we need to go after all symbols of this perceived racism. We would need to start with the American Flag that flew over the slave ships bring slaves to the US against their will. Then we would have to go after the Washington Monument that was built in honor of a man who owned slaves. Now, after we’re done there we would have to go after the Lincoln Memorial in DC based on him stating that he didn’t care if slaves were freed or not, he just wanted to reunite the union. The ignorance in the RGV is astounding, if you don’t like it go back to Mexico where your ancestors came from…now before you freak out and call me racist my ancestors were from Mexico too so although I have an anglo surname, I am not white.

  • James Bendy says:

    Until just a few years ago, monuments didn’t bother anyone and were honored. Now there are some people offended by them, just because someone told them they were offensive. Stop being gullible, read the true history of these two true American heroes. Both served the US in the military, Davis served many years in the US Government. A finer and more respectable man than Lee cannot be found. Lee commanded the US Army unit that captured John Brown at Harper’s Ferry. Davis and his wife adopted an orphan black child named Jim Limber, who lived with them as their own son; Jim was kidnapped and murdered by Union soldiers in 1865. Leave these monuments alone, and read up on the true history. All those people who are talking nonsense about removing these monuments should be ashamed of themselves.

  • James Bendy says:

    To those trying to tear down Confederate monuments:
    you have absolutely no right or authority to condemn anyone from the past. You look safely out your windows, fat on freedoms you never earned, with your 20/20 hindsight feeling superior to everyone and everything around you. Sorry to break this to you but you don’t get to say it was wrong. You lost nothing. You sacrificed nothing. You never did one ounce of the heavy lifting that moved this country forward into the place you mock today. You weren’t there for the crimes and you weren’t there to clean up after them. You have absolutely no context.
    Let’s not forget the fact that none of you cared one bit about these statues two years ago. So just sit back and drink your overpriced coffee and wait for those rising oceans to touch your dainty ankles. Any day now your
    leaders should be informing you what to care about next and you really need to prepare with signs and bumper stickers and whatnot. Is it peaceful not thinking for yourselves because you all seem so angry all the time?

  • BobWhitfield says:

    The sincere ignorance and outright stupidity of the monument haters is astounding. Removing a historical monument does nothing positive.

  • Isidro Leal says:

    Confederate monument is a symbol of hate/racism/slavery. It’s not only offensive, it’s wrong. Even the Robert E. Lee building would get protested by General Lee himself who historically did not want any monuments or buildings erected in his name or in the name of the Confederacy.

  • Rufino Herrera says:

    My Great-great-great grandfather, Abraham de los Santos, joined the 2nd Texas Cavalry out of Brownsville, Texas and served in the Confederate Army. Consequently, it is my family history. So, I say back off.

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