Iced Cube is joining the craze of outlandish snacking. Spouses Johnathan Segura and Ashley Vasquez opened the raspa stand mid-March 2017. In only a few short months, the duo has seen their little shack of snacks become a powerhouse on social media, drawing customers in from near and far.

The stand, and its online pages, doesn’t have an actual menu (menus are SO 2001). Rather, customers show up knowing what they want to order from seeing pictures online and by word of mouth.

Vazquez explained how they came up with the idea:  

“We knew we wanted to start our own thing. We saw that raspas are always in demand, especially because of how hot it is here!”

No seriously. It’s hot AF.

“But we wanted to make this trendy and modern and market it to a more adult audience.”

The stand is covered in depictions of pop stars like Selena Quintanilla, Rihanna, Drake, Ice Cube himself, and a few more.

John and Ashley spoke about how powerful social media has been and is their main method of attracting customers.

“This is John’s baby,” Vasquez said as her husband carefully constructs a Monster Dilly.

“Raspa Art” is what Segura calls his work. And honestly ~truly~ these beauties belong in a museum. When asked about how they come up with the raspas, the couple expresses:“The messier it looks, the better it’ll taste!”

Featured in the video above is a customizable raspa. Customers have their choices of red and green chamoy, gummy candies, salsaghetti, hot Cheetos, Kool-Aid powder, pickles, and a few more as toppings.

The Monster Dilly is a concoction of gummy bears, sour gummy worms, salsaghetti, a load of pickles and is topped with chamoy and Kool-Aid powder (and the option of Hot Cheetos).

*wipes drool*

Their tribute to our Queen Selena Quintanilla, Como la Flor, is made up of flower shaped gummies, pickles, and green and red chamoy.

A Volcano Dilly is a pickle dilly with chamoy and pickle salt.

The last item featured in the video is an elote asado covered in crushed Hot Cheetos. Guau.

To keep up with Iced Cube, you can follow them on Instagram as @icedcuberaspas and on Facebook as ICED CUBE.

Now, excuse us while we inhale an elote and Monster Dilly.