Ana Andrea Molina, a trans Latina activist based in Houston, reported that she was kicked out of the women’s bathroom at the Health and Human Services Commission in Houston on Tuesday, August 16.

“This is also another example of the transphobic hate speech the Texas Republican Party unleashed while trying and failing twice to pass their anti-trans [bills],” writer and activist Monica Roberts said in a blog post on TransGriot.

A trans woman in Houston was kicked out of a public restroom at the Health and Human Services Commission. These are the negative effects after the most anti-trans legislative session in Texas.Read the full story:

Posted by Neta on Saturday, August 19, 2017

(Footage provided by Ana Andrea Molina)

Molina was outside of the Health and Human Services Commission for a press conference with the campaign Basta Texas and other organizations denouncing SB 4, the “Show Me Your Papers” Law in Texas set to be implemented on Sept. 1.

While she was there, Molina decided to go inside the Health and Human Services Commission to ask what services they had available for a homeless shelter she is pioneering for LGBTQ individuals.

When she asked where she could find a restroom, she was followed by two security guards and three employees, as reported on TransGriot. The guards and employees reportedly “banged on the door of the women’s restroom ordering [Molina] to come out and use the men’s room, erroneously citing the failed SB 3 as their justification for being transphobic bigots.”

SB 3 was a failed attempt at passing a “bathroom bill” in Texas during the special legislative session. The bill would have banned trans individuals from using public restrooms that match their gender identity.

Molina is a well-known trans Latina activist and was at the forefront of speaking out against the continuous attempts to pass the “bathroom bill” at the Texas Capitol. She is the executive director of Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas.

“These people don’t have the right to take away our humanity,” Molina said in a Facebook live video the day of the incident. “We will continue fighting and rising because we are warriors. We are Latino and Latina warriors united today, tomorrow, and forever. And even if they try, they won’t divide us.”