Border patrol agents will temporarily detain DACA recipients at immigration checkpoints “for accuracy and verification of status,” according to a statement reporter Oscar Margain posted on Facebook from Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Robert Rodriguez.

“Once substantiated, the DACA recipient will be processed and released accordingly,” the statement reads.

This statement comes after an incident on Monday when about 10 DACA recipients were unexpectedly detained for hours. La Union del Pueblo Entero, an immigrant rights organization, received the report and posted about it on social media.

Screenshot from LUPE Facebook

“We have received reports that border patrol is detaining DACA beneficiaries at checkpoints to supposedly ‘verify’ their DACA,” LUPE posted on Facebook in Spanish. “We are asking local officials to take action to stop this practice. It’s important for DACA beneficiaries to know their rights when dealing with immigration officials. It is also important that they know DACA is valid until the expiration date on their work permit.”

In an interview with Noticias 48 after he was released, one DACA recipient anonymously described how border patrol agents told him they would begin deportation proceedings until they could verify his DACA status. They also asked him personal questions about his family which he says he did not answer.

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