The Texas Civil Rights Project launched Fight for Rights Campaign in hopes to replace roughly $900,000 in funding. TCRP abruptly lost this funding it had received since 1991 after lawmakers and state officials became hostile to the civil rights advances TCRP pushed for Texas communities.

In a statement, TCRP said:

“In 2016, Texas Civil Rights Project focused its efforts on protecting and expanding voting rights, challenging injustices in the broken criminal justice system, and advancing racial and economic justice, with a specific focus on immigrants and communities that welcome newcomers. Working with allies across the state, TCRP is deeply ingrained within the rising social justice movement seeking a more inclusive Texas.

“This focus has resulted in impressive victories on behalf of Texas communities, including forcing Texas to provide birth certificates to babies born in Texas to undocumented mothers, and launching a Voting Rights Program targeting barriers designed to block millions of Texans from exercising their constitutional right to vote, such as unlawful voter registration processes at the Department of Public Safety.”


TCRP has already raised $500,000 of its $2.2 million goal to help the organization years to come.

“Let’s be clear about what just happened: our success at holding the people in power accountable led to the loss of our funding,” TCRP Executive Director Mimi Marziani said in a statement. “I believe we are particularly threatening to the powers-that-be because we are part of a larger movement for equality, justice, and human dignity.”

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