Here are our top 15 videos in 2017!

20. A look into the fight for abortion access in the RGV – 10K views

19. 100 people formed a human chain around Whole Woman’s Health – 12K views

18. Activists call for removal of Confederate monument in Brownsville – 15K views

17. 6 facts you should know about CPCs – 15K views

16. People living with HIV are not ‘nasty’ – 19K views

15. Brownsville murals get tagged with racist threats – 20K views

14. Our first video ever introducing Neta – 25K views

13. Border wall would cut off historical site from Mission, Texas – 25K views

12. Brownsville first city in RGV to declare June ‘Pride Month’ – 27K views

11. ICE forcibly separates father from 1-year-old son – 29K views

10. Immigration checkpoints could force this student with DACA to make a difficult choice – 31K views

9. Save Santa Ana from the border wall – 32K views

8. Live video: Ted Cruz greets protesters in McAllen – 34K views

7. Taco Bout It: Abortion positivity – 35K views

6. We asked random people to translate Valley Spanish – 64K views

5. Butterfly center could lose 2/3 of its property to border wall – 83K views

4. Hot. Cheeto. Pizza. – 101K views

3. 10 phrases we all say in the RGV – 225K views

2. Quinceañeras fight racist “Show Me Your Papers” law – 312K views

1. Are DPS troopers acting as immigration agents? – 429K views


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