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About Los Topx Chicxs:

Like an ice-cold bottle of fizzy water on a hot summer day in South Texas, Beatrix and Ayden will quench your thirst and liven up your day with their sharp wit and effervescent personalities. Both hosts are actively involved within their own communities, fighting for equality and advocating for the marginalized and disenfranchised whenever possible. Don’t let their insightful humor deter you from joining them in articulately unpacking the problems facing the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, the Country and quite possibly the entire universe.

Ayden Castellanos and Beatrix Lestrange have teamed up to bring you Los Topx Chicxs, an unapologetic podcast of two friends discussing all the very real things that make up their world. From global politics, pop culture and community organizing, to how to draw on your eyebrows to get that fierce flawless look- Los Topx Chicxs is as irreverent as it is serious in its scope of topics-  all from a borderlands, queer, latinx perspective.

Beatrix is the premier campy intersectional dragtivist (drag queen activist) alter-ego of Southmost native, Joe Uvalles. Their community work involves using the power of drag to raise awareness around reproductive justice, HIV prevention, and overall LGBTQ rights in the Rio Grande Valley.

Ayden Castellanos is also an intersectional HIV activist. After testing positive for HIV and being diagnosed with AIDS in 2014, Castellanos set out on a mission to prevent the spread of HIV and deconstruct stigma and barriers to prevention and care.

Beatrix and Ayden first met through their work at a non-profit AIDS Service Organization in the Rio Grande Valley. Both Cancer’s quickly grew close, becoming eerily in tune with one another as though they are long lost twin witches. Sit back, relax and join the kiki- Los Topx Chicxs promises to always be fresh and never flat.


Produced by: Ayden Castellanos and Beatrix Lestrange
Edited by: Joe Uvalles II

Theme Song/Intro/Outro | “Guys and Girls” Idle Vision EP (2015), Idle Vision
30:40 | “Droogie is a Druggie” Idle Vision EP (2015), Idle Vision
51:35 | “Pink Water” Mejor Muerte (2016), La Ratera

All tracks used with permission from respective bands.


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