With more than 23,000 Twitter followers, @TaquitoElCabron stole the hearts of social media users all over the world. His owner, Sasha Gallegos of San Juan, began to post pictures and videos of him when he was just a six-month-old Chihuahua, and they unexpectedly went viral.  

In an online interview with Gallegos, she shared how surprised she was when the photos went viral. This eventually led her to continue posting more Taquito Content on his own Twitter account because “most of the people tweeting were saying how much his photos had helped them overcome a crappy day.”

“I got him on the Fourth of July,” Gallegos said when asked how she chose Taquito’s name, “which was a Tuesday. And I thought ‘Taco Tuesday’ and since he was small, I added the ‘ito.’”

According to Gallegos, Taquito’s interest include chewing on Q-tips, getting belly rubs, and overall just being chiflado.

Here are some of the top Taquito Twitter moments!

1. Que caloooOOOOooOor

2. Yes, he was a nopal for Halloween

3. La canción favorita

4. Drop it like its hot

5. Winter mood

6. Bien cute indeed

7. He gets it

8. An icon