Hey friends! Adrian and Beatrix from Los Topx Chicxs podcast here. As you know, this week are the Charro Days festivities! Charro Days is a celebration of our region’s bi-national heritage and culture and a special tradition unique to the Rio Grande Valley.

Whether it’s by throwing on traditional attire and/or queering things up a bit, we want to see how you and the rest of the RGV are celebrating! Soo, between now and Monday, Feb. 26, we’re asking you to send us a picture of yourself, you and your partner, your kids, your pupper, etc. We’ll even accept throwbacks. Just make sure to keep it fun, cute, and respectful!

We’ll choose a winner based on creativity, cuteness, and overall fabulousness. All you have to do is like the Topxs Chicxs Facebook page and leave us a photo in the comment section. ALL submissions are due Monday at 11:59 PM.

The winner gets two tickets to go watch the new Black Panther movie and some Neta merchandise! Good luck!

xoxo, Adrian and Beatrix

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