Hitting up thrift shops and snacking on raspas is seriously one of the best ways to spend your day in the Rio Grande Valley. Thrift stores are just so fun, inviting, and wallet-friendly. Growing up, I’ve gone looking for different specific things (mostly for cosplay), and it’s always a blast! You could go find things for cosplay projects, props for videos, actual outfits, or just cool random cositas. You really don’t know what you’ll find until you go through the racks of T-shirts or check out the bookshelves.

Let’s take a tour of popular spots in the McAllen-Edinburg area you and your pals can check out this weekend!

1. Texas Thrift – McAllen

Texas Thrift like Texas is HUGE. It has a huge selection of clothes, books, VHS/DVDs, decorations, and shoes. I usually go to Texas Thrift first because of its selection, prices are fair, and I never seem to leave without buying something cool. I’m also a sucker for accessories and this store is usually pretty well stocked with tons of ties, watches, and jewelry.

BONUS: They always have 50% off for items with the tag color of the day!

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2. Thrift City – McAllen

Next stop is Thrift City! This store is pretty big and also has a lot of various merchandise. I always love how the T-Shirts are color-coded, and they usually have the most suit jackets I’ve seen at a thrift shop. They don’t have as many books to choose from but they have just about everything else. If you are looking for button ups for work or toys for kids, I would suggest going here. Thrift City also had a ton of earrings and jewelry to check out it.

Pro tip:  You can go to the McAllen location after Texas Thrift because they’re extremely close to each other!

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3. Thrift Store – Edinburg


My partner and I usually go to the Edinburg location off of McColl behind WingStop, and we love it. You can check out their Mission location if that’s closer to you. The prices are pretty fair and you can find some really interesting clothing pieces. If you’re looking for a decent suit or professional outfits this is where you’ve got to go!

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4. Karma Consignment – McAllen

Karma Consignment is a really neat store to visit because it definitely feels like you time travel when you walk in. You can find cool vintage clothing, decor, furniture, and some really unique items. The big thing about this shop is their merchandise is always very well curated. Their oddities are what make this stop a must visit on our thrifting tours.

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5. Goodwill (multiple locations) 

I thought I would mention Goodwill because there are now so many of them across the Valley it’s hard for me not to stop and see what’s popping when I pass one. I usually go to the Freddy Gonzalez location in Edinburg and it’s never really let me down when it comes to finding something I need. These stores are a lot smaller than #1 and #2 on this tour but are ALWAYS packed with clothes for the family, accessories, toys, and household wares. Sometimes you can score really awesome vinyl records too. They have 50% off most items every first Saturday of the month and tag color sales daily.

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Where do you like to go searching for deals? Tell us where you like to go thrifting in the comments!