The comic book world is huge and full of many different heroes, villains, and stories. There has always been something so comforting about picking up the latest issue of your favorite series or finding a sweet gem, like an old figure or game you had as a kid. Grab your capes and get ready because this week we’re showing you some of the best shops to visit and hunt for your favorite comics and collectibles!

1. The Flux – McAllen

Flux is amazing and one of my favorite places to go to. They have so much; it’s very easy to spend a while looking at all the cool games and figures. You’ll find Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Nintendo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and all the other awesome stuff you grew up loving. The Flux also has an awesome selection of older games, systems, and accessories. If you are looking for a cool gift for someone into vintage toys and games, this is where you’ve got to go. If all of that isn’t enough, you can check out their sweet arcade. It is jam-packed with classic fighters, racers, and side scrollers. For $5 you can walk in and play all day.

Tip: If you are really into collecting figures and rare items I recommend liking and following The Flux on Facebook for their Manic Monday auctions done over live videos weekly.

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2. Myth Adventures

Myth Adventures is said to be the oldest comic and gaming shop in the Rio Grande Valley. It’s a very popular store with tons of comics new and old. I can’t tell you how many issues and figures I have purchased from Myth since I was a teen. If you’re looking for a specific back issue of your favorite series I would recommend visiting Myth. You can find realistic superhero statues, plushies, model kits, and the latest action figures.They also carry various popular board and card games so head over if you need to get your Magic: The Gathering fix or a cool deck box to carry them in.

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Myth often hosts fun events like miniature figure painting, card tournaments, and game demonstrations for those tabletop games you’ve always wanted to get into like Battletech and Shadowrun Anarchy.

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3. Kaboom Comics

Kaboom has been popular since its start as a small shop off of Pecan. It’s now grown and has two locations in the Valley. I usually visit the McAllen location, but you can also check out their Weslaco shop. Kaboom has a lot of current and old comics, new action figures, cards, and just really cool merch from your favorite shows or comics. If you are into Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and/or Rick and Morty, hop into your invisible plane and zoom on over to Kaboom!

Bonus: Kaboom has a small classic arcade in the back set on Freeplay for folx to enjoy some nostalgic button mashing at no charge.

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4. Goliath Toys and Retro Games

Goliath Retro Toys and Games carries some comics, but you’re really going there for its bread and butter. They carry tons of vintage games and plenty of consoles to play them. If you are into horror figures, Funko Pop toys, and cards, you’ll love this store. My best friend and I love to go to Goliath often to grab Pokemon cards we’re missing for our decks. There are several boxes to sort through for Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, and Yu-gi-oh cards with the lowest prices started at 10 cents a piece. You can also get your old games and consoles repaired here.

HUGE BONUS: The owner recently started the Goliath’s Good Grades Program and it’s a really cool and cute incentive for kids from Pre-K to 6th grade. A Honor Roll gets $10 credit and A + B Honor Roll get $6 credit towards almost anything in the store. There are a few restrictions so check out their Facebook for more info!

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5. Kirby’s Comics

Our last stop is Kirby’s Comics in McAllen. You can find Funko Pop figures, latest comics, and statues. They recently moved to this location, so it currently doesn’t have a sign above it yet. You can find this cool hidden treasure tucked next to Glamdogs off 10th and Harvey. The owner is friendly and will help you find or order whatever you’re looking for!

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Did we miss any? Let us know where you like to go for comics and collectibles in the comments!

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