For the latest episode of Topx Chicxs podcast, Beatrix and Ayden talked about internalized oppression and the different “isms” in our community. Cornelius Sublette joined as a guest to talk about his interactions on dating apps as a black man in the Rio Grande Valley gay community. He shared screenshots of messages he has received on Grindr. These messages are extremely and explicitly anti-black and serophobic. Listen to the episode or read an excerpt below.

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Cornelius: “I do this little tidbit on my Facebook page, and I call it “Just Grindr Things”…Usually what I screenshot is homophobia, sexism, racism, or serophobia…[which] is the fear of people who are HIV positive…I tend to get these messages from people I don’t know at all…For me, it’s really like these two polar opposites-either it’s like fetishim or this extreme opposite where it’s this racial preference where it’s like, “I’m not into Black people, all Black people”…

Ayden: I think people participate in and perpetuate racism in order to align themselves more with Whiteness. In a way, to save themselves. [But] it’s like you’re still Brown. At the end of the day, obviously we’re affected by the system differently-the system being racism-but you’re not doing yourself a favor by putting down people that are darker than you or a different race than you…

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Grindr screenshots courtesy of Cornelius Sublette

Beatrix: Or who have a different HIV status than you or who act more femme than you…

C: I think that when we do things like that, it is our attempt to assimilate to the “majority.”

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