Neta is highlighting different artists across South Texas. Our featured artist for March was local mixed media artist Josué Ramírez. Here’s a statement from the artist:

“Josué Ramírez (Rawmirez) is an artist living and practicing in the Rio Grande Valley along the Texas Mexico border. Originally from Ciudad Mante Tamaulipas, Mexico, Josué migrated to the US alongside his family. Rawmire’z current work investigates relationships between personal identity, meaning, and locations particularly the borderlands.

“His inspiration is derived from everyday objects and practices of the RGV landscape and references this through the use of popular culture, flora, traditional Mexican imagery, bilingualism, graffiti culture and patterns in his creations. Some of the topics and themes that are explored consistently within his various works are queerness, social movements, globalism and latinx diaspora.

“Rawmirez engages these topics not only visually in the finished painting or work but through his artistic and creative process that often involves transnational collaborations with family members or merchants in Mexico. Through practice Rawmirez highlights day-to-day interactions, limitations and realities of border residents on both sides.

The artist is not limited to a medium but emphasizes the use of traditional techniques such as muralism and piñata-making with a contemporary twist. By mixing and intersecting the meanings and definitions of these references through various channels Rawmirez reinterprets his space and self in la frontera.”


Paz, paz

El Cuhamil

So Pharr, So Good

Nopal Hat

For more of his work check out his Twitter,  Instagram, and Website.

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