Raspa and snack stands are all over the Valley and will always have a very special place in our hearts. I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone turning down a trip to a nearby stand. This week, we went on a raspa run all over the Valley to share some great spots to visit when you need to get your fix.

1. Iced Cube – Elsa

Iced Cube is a very popular raspa and snack spot everyone has to check out. They have a ton of different things you can order like a Hot Cheeto Elote and crazy raspas! I grabbed a Picadilly Grape raspa and it was definitely reasonably price for the size. Be sure to go when you have some time to kill because the line gets pretty long. You can scroll through their Facebook to see examples of what you’d like to order while you wait.

2. Icey Haute – Edcouch

Icey Haute is a cute stand over in Edcouch, TX. To order, you drive up, get in line for the drive-thru window, and wait a moment to receive a menu. Their menu is pretty big and they have a great selection of specialty raspas and classic valley drive-thru snacks. We stuck with a spiropapa and had to get the very popular Haute Cheetos Elote. It. was. DOPE.

3. Viva la Raspa – Weslaco

One of my favorite places I checked in my raspa route was Viva la Raspa. Their stand is so colorful, cute, and inviting! We grabbed a beautiful marranada that was perfectly loaded with that oogey gooey cheese, Hot Cheetos, corn, and chile. I also ordered a Pink Lemon Sour that came with gummy bears drowning in chamoy and trechas. I was not disappointed.

4. Jackie’s Snowcone – Mission 

Jackie’s Snowcone is a small green stand with yellow menus full of sweet and sour goodness. The prices are super fair for what you get. One of the things I liked the most about this stop was how they give you your order. A lot of other stands I’ve been to take your order and then you wait outside of the line and have to keep an eye out or it’s a drive-thru situation. At Jackie’s, you simply order and wait at the window and then you’re done. It may seem like it takes longer because of the line but it really doesn’t and I felt very satisfied with their service.

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5. Los Gringos – Pharr (and Weslaco)

Los Gringos has two locations but I usually go to the one in Pharr. If you’re in Weslaco, give them a visit! They used shaved ice and have all sorts of toppings and candies. The man who took my order was extremely friendly and let me sample a few things the first time I got snacks there. It seems as though my go-to order is Hot Cheetos and cheese and a raspa to wash it all down. I stuck to that same order here and regretted nothing. If you are in Pharr and looking for unique cold treats Los Gringos is the stand for you.

6. Texas G’s Snow Wiz – Brownsville

Texas G’s Snow Wiz is a great spot near Hanna High School that does well with the community and students. One thing that caught my eye was the natural raspa flavors they had available.

7. Reyna’s Snow Cone – Brownsville

Our last stop on this raspa route is Reyna’s Snow Cone in Brownsville. This spot has a ton of different snacks, alcoholic combos like Smirnoff Preparadas, and the classic raspas. Some of their snacks are insanely huge like the Super Sandia and Super Piña!

If you love Valley snacks find out which one you are here.

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