The Resist the Wall Coalition and Artist Josue Rawmirez invite you to this Sunday’s “Break the Border Wall” event through creative action. The purpose of the piñata party is to exhibit joyful resistance against the construction of a border wall on the Texas Mexico border. The event will foster community participation through the involvement and participation of grassroots organizations and leaders who will build piñatas and host a celebration.

The event is part of Basta Texas and Jolt’s resistance art efforts to fund artist from around the state addressing and supporting social justice causes. The goal of the event is to emphasize community organizing and celebration through performance art aimed at reaching and connecting community members along la frontera. The piñata is a good vehicle for this because it carries significant cultural meaning and has certain connotations.

The event will take place at Anzalduas Park, one of the historic state parks that will be divided by the border wall if built. The border wall piñata serves as a caricature of the physical barrier that threatens the area; the act of destroying the border wall piñata is meant to serve as a metaphor for the Rio Grande Valley’s communal collective opposition to it. The piñatas will be filled with Dum Dum lollipops, as a dual symbol for both the policies behind the wall as well as the sweet reward that comes after the hard work of fighting against anti-immigrant legislation. The event will be family friendly and will include kids sing-a-long music, poetry readings, goody bags for the kids, a moon bounce, face painting, and space for border residents to learn more about local organizing efforts.Events like this are important because they show that even though families in the Rio Grande Valley are living under militarized conditions, it is still possible to enjoy one another’s company and to come together as a community, which is truly the biggest act of resistance.

The event will take place at Anzalduas State Park at 6400 Anzalduas Damn Rd in Mission Texas from 1-3pm. Parking is $4 dollars per car, the first 30 cars will be paid for by the coalition so get there early and carpool!