Free Comic Book Day always lands on the first Saturday of May. On this magical day, you get to go to your local participating comic book shop and pick up a few specific comic issues for free. Most stores have a limit of five free comics but also throw amazing sales. Myth in McAllen usually also gives out 10 free older comics to each customer, and those never disappoint. It’s a great way for parents to encourage their children to read and explore the world of superheroes. It first started in 2002 to promote independent comic book shops and is still very popular to this day.

Comic fan searching. Photo by George Longoria

One of the free comics tables at Myth

Local super dad, Victor Salinas, takes his daughter, Emilie Autumn, every year and said this year was no different.

“Got what we were looking for,” he said. “She wanted the DC Superhero girls, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Disney Princess comic. She swiped those up instantly!”

Emilie Autumn Salinas checking out comics at Kaboom Comics in McAllen, TX

“It’s a great event that allows children to get a taste of comics and collecting. That is how she got started. She collects comics throughout the year, but Free Comic Book Day gives the chance for new titles to be discovered.”

Emilie with her free issues in front of Kaboom Comics

Another dad and daughter duo participated for the first time this year. Macario “Mac” Jasso and his daughter, Sydney, let us know how much they enjoyed it.

“It was really great,” Mac told Neta. “We had a lot of fun and Syd was super overwhelmed with everything. It was her first time.”

Sydney with her FCBD poster in front of Myth Adventures in McAllen, TX.

“She was really into this one comic called Street Angel’s Dog,” Mac continued. “She likes comic books about tough kids, especially tough girls. She also got really excited about Goosebumps!”

Street Angel’s Dog

“Sydney loves to learn and try new things and Saturday was a chance for me to share my love of all things geeky with her. She loves art, animation, and writing and I think this was really inspiring and opened her up to a whole new world of possibilities and interests.”

Valley residents sorting through older free comics.

Free Comic Book Day may be over, but you can always check out local shops and show your support. Myth and both Kaboom Comics locations have card tournaments and different tutorials often.For more comic and hobby shops in the RGV click here. We will be covering more shops for you across the valley soon so be sure to subscribe to our stories by texting NETA to 33222.