The Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP) will be calling on the Department of Homeland Security to stop all deportations of people who have been separated from family members until they are given legal representation and are reunited with their children/parents today at 2 PM CDT on Facebook Live.

TCRP currently represents 381 families of which they have confirmed at least one case each of parents deported without their children and children deported without their parents.

TCRP will also be addressing the pause in prosecutions in McAllen which, according to the White House, is momentary due to a lack of resources.

Deportations of separated families and the pause of prosecutions come as the current Administration signed an executive order last week calling for an end to family separations, criticized by human rights organizations as only guaranteeing family detentions, and as the occupant of the Oval Office tweeted Sunday that people apprehended at the border should immediately be deported without due process.

TCRP is a group of Texas attorneys working to reunite the 381 families it represents and ensure they get legal representation on their underlying immigration claims. This includes regular, frequent trips to court in South Texas to monitor the ever-changing policies of the Trump Administration and litigating to stop family separation permanently in an action against the United States before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

At the same time, TCRP is pursuing an aggressive public education and advocacy campaign to push back against misinformation and confusion regarding family detention practices, with the goal of ending the cruel and unworkable “zero tolerance” policy.