Las Imaginistas, a socially engaged art collective based in the Rio Grande Valley, have teamed up with Neta to curate the Visualize Our Resistance Call for Art. The project looks to commission three artists who have been selected by a panel of judges to visualize our resistance against the separation of families and detainment of individuals by ICE and border patrol.

Quintin Gonzalez, one of the artists who has been commissioned, will create a portrait of one youth immigration activist from the Valley and their community. Know someone who has worked with their community to fight against the classist, racist and xenophobic structures that are currently being carried against our immigrant community? Whoever you are thinking of, send their names to Neta and Las Imaginistas curatorial team to nominate them today!

The art created by the artists selected for the Visualize Our Resistance Call for Art will be used for community campaigns that fight for the dignity of immigrants. The deadline for all nominations is July 30. The submissions will then be reviewed by the curatorial team of Neta and Las Imaginistas members. The nominated activists who were selected by the panel will be announced on July 31.

Visit the Las Imaginistas nominations page and submit yours today!