UTRGV students are calling for President Bailey’s resignation after ignoring requests to build a support center for undocumented students.


On Tuesday, Sept. 4, we published a video titled “UTRGV students call for president’s resignation.” The video showed a protest organized by UTRGV students who are calling for the resignation of President Guy Bailey for reasons that include a partnership with LNG, concerns for undocumented students, and their belief that Bailey does not “understand” the community.

The video did not include information about the current status of the creation of a support center for undocumented students. We regret not including context to demonstrate the history of the creation of the center, from the moment UTRGV students launched a campaign in November 2017 to declare UTRGV a sanctuary university, which included a request to build a support center for undocumented students, to the latest developments.

This was a mistake, and we apologize to our readers. Moving forward, we will take additional steps during our video editing process to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

According to a report from The Monitor published Friday, the support center for undocumented students is “near completion and about to preview at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.” This is new information that has surfaced since we published our video on Tuesday. Read their story here: https://goo.gl/Rb3uei

Neta has been and remains dedicated to uplifting the voices of Valley residents, like those who led a struggle over the years to make the up and coming resource center a reality.