by Debbie Nathan, The Intercept

Hundreds of children who were separated from their mothers and fathers at the border earlier this year remain in the U.S. without their parents — parents who were deported by the Trump administration. In late June, an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit won reunification for children with their mothers and fathers who remained in Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention. But the suit does virtually nothing for parents already deported. With very few exceptions, they have no right to return to the U.S. Reunification will happen only if they agree to have their children deported — which could put many in mortal danger.

Some of these parents are attempting to sneak across the border to get back together with their children. Rudy Ramirez Mendez, who I wrote about in August, is one parent who tried. He was deported after being separated from his 9-year-old boy, Rudy Jr., and he recently tried to return on his own to the U.S. It was a desperate move, but not a unique one. At least one other parent is known to have done the same.

Ramirez, his wife, Ingrid, and Rudy Jr., traveled together from Guatemala in June, but were separated on the Mexican side of the border by smugglers. They put the father and son in one group and told Ingrid they would bring her across later. Ramirez and Rudy Jr. turned themselves in at the Rio Grande and were immediately separated by Border Patrol agents. Rudy Jr. was sent to a shelter in New York.

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