Yamil, a Cuban asylum-seeker, endured over five months of hardship to arrive at the U.S-Mexico border. When he finally arrived, he waited an additional five days— living and sleeping on the ground of the Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville, Texas. When he and his long-time partner were finally let in, Yamil hoped their nightmare might finally be over. Instead, it’s been more than two months since Yamil entered a detention center in South Texas. Until recently, he had not seen or talked to his partner, who is also detained, since August 15.

“Llevo 70 dias aqui, ya no aguanto mas,” (I’ve been here for 70 days. I can’t do it anymore) Yamil told us. Can you help Yamil?

While detained, Yamil HAS begged detention officials multiple times to coordinate a call with his partner. Yamil has at different points throughout his detention even gone days without consuming foods or liquids, hoping this might push officials to coordinate a call. Last week, frustrated at detention officials’ continued unwillingness to provide him with clear answers about his partner, Yamil gathered his belongings and asked to be set free.

Detention officials responded by putting him in a straight jacket and placing him in solitary confinement for three days.

Yamil has passed his credible fear interview, the first step in his asylum process. Last week, he had his bond set at $5,000, but he is unable to pay. Yamil is desperate to get out of detention. In addition to needing to re-establish contact with his partner and family, Yamil worries about his possibilities because he knows that the vast majority of cases fought from detention are lost. “Aca adentro, pelear los casos es mas dificil” (It’s very hard to fight cases in here) he recently shared. “Nadie gana los casos aqui adentro” (Nobody wins their case in here).

Yamil needs our help. His bond has been set at $5,000. Please help us meet his bond!

Yamil has court scheduled for Thursday, October 18. Help us get him out of detention before then so he can consult with an attorney.