8 events in the RGV to check out this week — October 15 – 21, 2018

1. October 15 – CMAS Closes out Latinx Heritage Month with Fuerza Del Valle

6 PM – 7 PM

UTRGV Center for Mexican American Studies
1201 W University Dr EDUC 2.216B, Edinburg, Texas 78539

Event description:

“Fuerza Del Valle
Living in the Shadows: Latina Domestic Workers in the Rio Grande Valley

Monday October 15th @ 6:00pm

EDUC 2.234

Fuerza del Valle members, domestic workers themselves, surveyed over 250 domestic workers to produce a study to document workplace conditions such as labor abuse and sexual abuse.

Come hear a panel discussion from the women who they themselves are not just the workers, but the primary investigators of this groundbreaking study who chose to take part in conducting the study due to their own experiences with injustices in the workplace and their hope that the study would make a change. The study is the first of its kind in terms of magnitude and location.

Here is a video about their work https://netargv.com/2018/09/18/domestic-workers-are-fighting-workplace-abuse/”

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2. October 16 – Become a #Changemaker at UTRGV

5 PM – 8 PM

ESTAC 2.129 UTRGV Edinburg

Event description:

“At Deeds Not Words we galvanize the power of young #Changemakers through organizing, policy-making, and voting.

Come join an intersectional community that fights for social and economic opportunity, access to reproductive health, freedom from sexual assault, and equal representation in every space and at every level. Founded by Wendy Davis and led by YOUth, we’re uniting young people to push progress forward — not through talk. Through deeds.

If you are interested in activism and want to learn how to be an advocate on your campus and community, this training is for you! Join us turning out your friends to vote and learn how you can become a Deeds Not Words #Changemaker!

Please RSVP and spread the word: http://bit.ly/Deeds_Fall2018Training”

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3. October 17 – Organize – Agitate – Educate

12:15 PM – 1:15 PM

UTRGV Brownsville

Event description:

“Want to get involved and work on issues most important to you?

Join Texas Rising and Feministxs Unidxs to talk about the issues affecting us every day. This meeting will be an introduction to our organizations and a way for us to plan together our semester. Bring your lunch! We’ll have snacks!

Find us on VLink! https://utrgv.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/tfntxrising

Have questions about the event? Message us!”

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4. October 17 – Abortion Positive Tour Training

12:15 PM – 1:30 PM

UTRGV Student Union
1201 W University Dr., Edinburg, Texas 78539

Event description:

“Join URGE and All* Above All for a training on what to expect at the 3rd annual Abortion Positive Tour!

This training is for any organizations or volunteers who are interested in attending the Abortion Positive Tour. We’ll be going over abortion positive messaging, a plan of action for Tour Day, and a ton more really great skills!

The training will be located in the Palmetto Room, second floor of the UTRGV Student Union – Edinburg.”

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5. October 18 – 3rd Annual Abortion Positive Tour!

11 AM – 2 PM

UTRGV Student Union
1201 W University Dr., Edinburg, Texas 78539

Event description:

“Join URGE RGV and All Above All* for our 3rd annual Abortion Positive Tour! We’re gathering together to destigmatize abortion and call out anti-choice agendas!

There’ll be snacks, cold water, tons of great speakers, and a whole lot of fun!”

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6. October 19 – Scarecrow Trail at Dean Porter Park

7 PM – 10 PM

Dean Porter Park
501 E Ringgold Street, Brownsville, Texas 78520

Event description:

“This fall, come out to Dean Porter Park and visit the Scarecrow Trail your friends and family. You’re going to see all of the creative, spooky and fun scarecrows you and your own community members have built (there is a scarecrow contest too)!

Voting will take place on trail’s opening day: Friday,October 19th.

The Scarecrow Trail lasts through November 3rd.

For more info, please contact Yoli Perez-Ayala at 956-547-6850 or email yolip@cob.us”

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7. October 20 – Migrant Welcoming Festival

10 AM – 10 PM

Basilica of Our Lady San Juan Del Valle
400 N Virgen de San Juan Blvd, San Juan, Texas 78589

Event description:

“Saturday, October 20th, 2018 is the day of the Welcome Migrant Festival from 10:00AM-10:00PM. This is a full day of beautiful music, safe games for the children, delicious food and a great variety of arts and crafts, lots of jewelry and a huge care show. There is something for the whole family.

El sábado, 20 de octubre de 2018 se llevará acabo el Festival de Bienvenida a los Migrantes de 10AM- 10PM. Será un día con música hermosa, juegos para los niños, comida deliciosa y una gran variedad de manualidades, mucha joyería y una gran exhibición de automóviles. Habrá algo para toda la familia.”

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8. October 20 – Roses for Rosie: Honoring Rosie Jimenez

6 PM – 8 PM

Archer Park
101 N. Broadway, McAllen, Texas 78501

Event description:

“Join Frontera Fund and Lilith Fund as we reflect and honor the life of Rosie Jimenez– a Rio Grande Valley mother who lost her life only four years after abortion became legal in the United States. Read more below.

Where: Archer Park in McAllen, TX
When: Saturday, October 20th, 2018 6pm-8pm


In the wake of the new Supreme Court confirmation, those who are survivors of sexual assault and those who strive to cultivate reproductive justice in their lives and work every day may feel overwhelmed with grief.

This distressing political moment demands we reflect not only on the future of reproductive autonomy but the barriers poor women of color have had to resist and overcome for ages.

Here in the Rio Grande Valley, the life and passing of Rosie Jimenez illuminates this struggle with heart-wrenching clarity.

Rosie Jimenez was a Rio Grande Valley mother who lost her life only four years after abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973.

In late September 1977, Rosie sought abortion care with her doctor, but she was turned away because the Hyde Amendment, which took effect only two months prior to Rosie discovering her unplanned pregnancy, did not allow Medicaid coverage of abortion services.

Ultimately, Rosie Jimenez received an unsafe abortion and contracted an infection from the unsanitary tools used. On October 3rd, 1977, Rosie Jimenez passed away from sepsis at McAllen General Hospital.

Rosie Jimenez is the first person recorded to have died as a result of the Hyde Amendment.

We mourn Rosie Jimenez’s life, her future, and her motherhood. But we also celebrate Rosie’s life, future and motherhood.

Rosie’s story could be the story of all women and people, in the past and today, who risk their lives for their reproductive autonomy. Rosie, like countless others, should be here.

As we reflect on the future of Roe v. Wade, we invite you to support the work currently being done to end the harmful, classist policy that is the Hyde Amendment.
Click to explore the work of All Above All: https://allaboveall.org/”

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