7 events in the RGV to check out this week — November 5 – 11, 2018

1. November 6 – Volunteer Gardening Mornings

8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

McAllen Nature Center
4101 West Business 83, McAllen, Texas 78501

Event description:

“Join staff naturalists from 8:30 am – 10:30 am every Tuesday and Thursday, year-round to help with grounds projects including watering, weeding, raking and pruning trails! All ages welcome. Ages 15 and under with a parent or guardian only. This is a drop-in program. Please wear closed-toe shoes. A short waiver will need to be signed upon arrival.

Groups of 10 or more, please call us at 681-3333 to preregister so that we can be prepared to host your group. Volunteer hours on evenings or weekends are also available for groups of 10 or more with advance notice.”

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2. November 6 – 9 – Remember Me: Celebrating El Dia De Los Muertos Exhibit

10 AM – 6 PM

Brownsville Heritage Museum
1335 E Washington St, Brownsville, Texas 78520

Event description:

“In celebration of Dia de Los Muertos, the Brownsville
Historical Association, in partnership with the Consul of
Mexico at Brownsville, invite you to explore a community
exhibition of an ofrenda altar. This year’s theme, Remember
Me, reflects on the customs of Dia De Los Muertos (the Day
of the Dead). The tradition is not concentrating on the
stereotypical ideologies, but the symbolisms and the essence
of rejoicing in life and not fearing death. To celebrate and
pay tribute to our loved ones who have passed, join us in
providing offerings to the colorfully decorated altar with
traditional items like calaveras (sugar skulls), cempazuchitl’s
(marigolds), papel picado, foods, and personal items, to
welcome the returning spirits during this holiday.

Exhibit is included with paid museum admission.

For more information call: 956-548-1313”

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3. November 6 – Speak up for Bentsen State Park at the Texas Parks Hearing

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Mission Event Center
200 N.Shary Rd., Mission, Texas 78572

Event description:

“Under the current plan the border wall will tear through Bentsen State Park, the oldest state park in the Rio Grande Valley, and could result in its closure. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission is holding a hearing in Mission, and we need park advocates to attend and ask the state to fight the federal government and to work to preserve the park as it is.

Each person will have 2 minutes to speak. Here are some suggested points to make:

–The border wall would cut off the Visitor Center from the trails. We have seen what happens when the Border Patrol walls off a park, as they did at Hidalgo Pumphouse. The park closes down. We need to Parks Commission to see to it that doesn’t happen.

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–Customs and Border Protection is requiring a 150-foot “enforcement zone” on the south side of the wall running its full length, where they will chop down all the trees, remove all vegetation, and pave over the area with gravel. Such a wide swath of destruction will be will be bad for the park from both the perspective of wildlife and of visitors.

–Bentsen State Park and World Birding Center is an important economic driver in the City of Mission and one of the major ecotourism destinations in the Valley’s $464 million per year ecotourism economy.

–Bentsen State Park is the only place we have to tent camp in the upper Valley and one of the few places we have left to access the Rio Grande.

–Bentsen State Park and the adjacent Fish and Wildlife tracts are a critical part of the wildlife corridor that allows our native species to survive.

–Because there is so few natural areas left in the Rio Grande Valley, Bentsen State Park, with its remnant riparian habitat, really represents our natural heritage. It’s one of the places residents can go to get a sense of what the region was like before agriculture and urbanization.

–Bentsen State Park is extremely safe. No visitor has ever been harmed because of its proximity to the border, and it’s located in a safe community. We do not need walls. They are useless.

We want the Parks and Wildlife Commission and the State of Texas to fight the federal government and save Bentsen for the residents of the Rio Grande Valley and the residents of the state. We should not be required to give up one of our most special places for a destructive and racist symbol.”

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4. November 4 – Pachanga de Salud: Conferencia Comunitaria

9:30 AM – 1 PM

San Ignacio De Loyola Iglesia Catolica
18592 S US Highway 281, San Benito, Texas 78586

Event description:

“LUPE llevará a cabo la Pachanga de Salud: Conferencia Comunitaria 2018-“Comunidades Seguras, Familias Saludables” el viernes, 9 de noviembre del 2018.

Venga a aprender sobre nutrición, salud mental, sus derechos civiles, y mucho más!

Tendremos Zumba, Feria de Salud, Comida, Rifas, y Chequeos de Salud Gratis!

Para mas información, llame al 956-626-1718”

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5. November 9 – Friday Night Hike

5:45 PM – 7:15 PM

McAllen Nature Center
4101 West Business 83, McAllen, Texas 78501

Event description:

“Enjoy an evening with the creatures of the night! Bring a flashlight, bug spray, and wear close-toed shoes. We’ll spend an hour slowly covering about 1/2 mile of trails, carefully and quietly looking for anything we might see along the path. We’ll look for spiders, bats, frogs, toads, scorpions, and nocturnal birds.

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Park admission is $1/person suggested donation. The program is provided free of charge”

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6. November 9 – Final planning meeting for Town Hall Against the Wall

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

McAllen Creative Incubator
601 N Main St, McAllen, Texas 78501

Event description:

“On Sunday November 11, the community is going to face Border Patrol Headquarters in McAllen and hold the Public Meeting that the federal government has refused to hold.

At this final planning meeting for Town Hall Against the Wall/ Ayuntamiento contra el Muro, we will nail down the details and ensure everything is ready. We’ll also be distributing No Border Wall and No Al Muro shirts for volunteers who need them.

We welcome all who are opposed to the border wall, militarization and the harsh treatment of asylum seekers and migrants to come find out about the Town Hall and other events

Please enter the Creative Incubator through the back door, and we will meet in the upstairs classroom.”

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7. November 11 – Town Hall Against the Wall

2 PM – 5 PM

Across the street from the McAllen Border Patrol Headquarters, 3000 W. Military Hwy, McAllen

Event description:

“The Trump administration is working quickly to militarize our border communities, sending more active-duty troops here than are deployed in Iraq and Syria combined, rolling out 150 miles of concertina wire, and erecting jersey barriers to block off international bridges and wherever else they like.

Meanwhile, construction on Trump’s border wall is set to begin in February: families are losing their land, walls will be built in the floodplain at great risk to the communities on both sides of the river, and farms, parks and wildlife refuges will be cleared of vegetation and permanently graveled along a 150-foot wide strip for miles and miles, rusting steel pickets will block us from all access to our river, the Rio Grande.

Neither Customs and Border Protection, nor the military has bothered to hear from the public in border communities, refusing to hold public hearings and waiving laws that require consultation.

So on Sunday, November 11, the RGV community will hold its own town hall in order to make our voices heard.

This is our opportunity to tell Customs and Border Protection, the Trump administration, and the rest of the nation what we think about the border walls that they are planning to ram through our home.

Location to be announced soon! Save the Date!”

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