Video: ‘Sabrosonico’ cumbia dance party in McAllen

As the nation intensely debates over issues on the border, many of these matters have dominated headlines in the past few months. Although these headlines are evident, they overlook many of the positive endeavors made by countless local Rio Grande Valley residents who tirelessly work to peacefully resist the Trump administration’s regressive and discriminatory policies.

For the millions of Americans who have never set foot in the Rio Grande Valley, headlines can easily create narratives that instill fear into what everyday life is like on La Frontera.

We checked in with local DJ/Activist Pedro Rodriguez, also known as Flacucho from Love & Magick, who invited us to an event unlike most. With the help of other local artist and vendors, he helped organize Sabrosonico, a Cumbia dance party created to uplift the community and give an inclusive space to people who value equality and justice for people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, refugees, and immigrants.

Despite the drizzle of rain, the event quickly filled up outside of Grain to Glass, a local pub in Mcallen, Texas. The weather was no match for the various artists that traveled from different parts of Tejas to fill the soundwaves with their Cumbia mixes. Queen Killahbee set the tone and started the night off by playing some heavy Reggaeton mixes, followed by Flacuchos Neo-Cumbia fusion. Later, Corpus Christi’s own Principe Q made sure the valley heard his signature sound Screwmbia, that would make his Tejana Superstar Tia Selena proud. To end the night, we had Houston’s own Gio Chamba and Coffeeleaf offer a duo of electric guitar, hip-hop, and congas that had everybody dancing.

It was a night to remember, a night to reclaim. It was a night to define who we are as a community and celebrate the love we have for our beautiful Rio Grande Valley community. DJ Flacucho tells us more about this event in this interview and provided us with a playlist that is perfect for any Taco Tuesday, Protest, or Organizing party with friends and familia.

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DJ Flacucho’s Playlist

1. Bardo Martinez – Bad Education | @b.a.r.d.o.m.a.r.t.i.n.e.z

2. Joe Arroyo – La Rebelion | #joearroyo

3. Eddie Zuko – Made | @eddiezuko

4. SÁVILA – Carnival Cumbia | @savilamusic

5. ¡Esso! Afrojam Funkbeat – Baila | @esso_afrojam_funkbeat

6. Sister Mantos – Quemame | @sistermantos

7. El Hijo De La Cumbia – Ritmo Realidad (feat. Celso Piña and Alika y Nueva Alianza) | @elhijodelacumbia

8. Kansado – Esto No Es Balada | @kansadooo