Like most RGV showgoers who are a little longer in the tooth, I have a deep and personal relationship with the songwriting of Andy Peña. His previous band, Dignan, had endeared themselves to audiences both at home and abroad, touring extensively and releasing new music throughout most of the latter 00’s and early 10’s. I have memories associated with nearly all of the Dignan catalog that date back to my college days, when I first began writing about music and the wealth of things it made me feel. Despite the fleeting rush of nostalgia, however, I’ve found that these memories grow less familiar and resonate less with me each time I revisit them—not because I love the music they’re bound to any less, but because 10 years later, the differences between the person I was at that time and the person I am today are greater than ever before. While this is to be expected as we age, the challenges that come with this growth remain understated, and the path we take to navigate them within ourselves is always unique.

From L-R: Andy Peña, Adrian Loera, Devin Garcia, and David Ramirez.  Photo: Thomas Garcia

Contrary to what their name would suggest, Quiet Kidsdeliver performances that resonate well beyond the walls of the venues they play. The band’s distinctive style of synth-coated indie-pop has been leaving a tender hum in the hearts of audiences for almost five years now, and with the release of the Quiet KidsEP back in March—their first as a full band—Quiet Kids have been due for a celebration.

Quiet Kids EP cover. Artwork by Andy Peña

The release, which the band appropriately named after themselves, is a milestone in their journey from being the humble solo project of vocalist/keyboardist Andy Peña to the captivating quartet they are today. With the addition of Peña’s Dignan bandmate Devin Garcia on bass and long-time collaborators David Ramirez on keyboard and Adrian Loera (Dethgaze,White Zebra) on drums, Quiet Kids have turned Peña’s bedroom-pop songs into refreshingly charged soundscapes, each with their own sense of place. Quiet Kids, which was released on Good Eye Recordsfrom Brooklyn, New York, finds the band on an immersive, groove-filled journey through existential themes of identity, insecurity, and connection. “People, places and things pull you in every direction, and it’s easy to please any and everyone. If we all just said what was on our minds we’d have much more of an understanding of who we are, and what we’re looking for…it’s only in the stability of my relationships that I realized I can write about whatever I feel. My art is me, and my family, and my friends.”, Peña affirms about the EP.


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On March 29th, the band conjured their signature dreamlike dimension at the release show for the new EP, which took place at Yerberia Culturain McAllen. By the time the opening band, Gusto Gusto, began their set, the venue was nearly full; by the time Quiet Kids took the stage, the crowd had already moved as close to them as possible. Within minutes, the audience is swaying, singing, and dancing along, the Quiet Kids spell in full swing.


Watch the band play “My Moon” and “On Your Mind” below.

Shot & Edited by Ismael Martinez & Jordan Garcia


Shot & Edited by Ismael Martinez & Jordan Garcia


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