Del Sur: Farmworker Rights

Efren sits down with Jose Torres from Texas RioGrande Legal Aid and Justino, a farmworker, to discuss farmworker rights in the Rio Grande Valley.

Del Sur: Wage theft

Hector Gúzman of Fuerza Del Valle talks about the epidemic of wage theft in the Rio Grande Valley. Adriana, a Fuerza member, shares personal insight on how wage... Read More

Episode 4: Brownsville, we love you

Ayden and Beatrix - This month we unpack negative perceptions of the borderlands and uplift all the amazing work and resistance happening in Brownsville and the rest of the RGV. We are joined by special guest Sadie Hernandez, a Brownsville native and reproductive justice activist (Who along with our hosts, are NOT. HAVING. IT.) to discuss a questionable opinion piece about Brownsville featured in the Texas Observer. Not today, Satan!

Episode 3: Internalized “isms”

Cornelius Sublette joins Beatrix and Ayden as a guest to speak about his interactions on dating apps as a black man in the RGV gay community. Together they address internalized oppression & the different “isms” that prevail in the gay scene.