Locutorreando is a podcast dedicated to centering the women & femmes of color who are making things happen and pushing for justice in our border region of the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.

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Episode 1: Dani Marrero Hi & Victoria Ruiz

For Locutorreando’s special inaugural episode, we present two conversations with some of our favorite badasses. Dani Marrero Hi of Aquí Estamos & Neta RGV spoke to us about fighting for queer and trans rights on the border, the perils of the nonprofit world and what to do when mass media fails us. We also sat down with Victoria Ruiz of bilingual punk band Downtown Boys and talked about performing for white audiences, Downtown Boy’s recent successful campaign against SXSW, and why it’s shitty to be dismissed as an identity politician. Our conversation with Dani begins at 11:30; our discussion with Victoria starts at 64 minutes.